Old Stones – A Retrospective



Here is the slide show that was shown on April 15, 2013 at the AGM of Old Stones. The slide show will open in a new browser, and you can click on your arrow keys or hover your mouse at the bottom to go through the slides. The show starts with some of the early clearing of the cemeteries, goes through some of the grave marker restoration, shows many of the people involved and concludes with a look at the Life Members of the Society, including our newest Life member – Ann Sorensen – who you will see with alders over her head when the clearing began. A wonderful look back at what we’ve accomplished over the last number of years – and here’s hoping for more to come in the future as we continue to research and develop our understanding of the importance of the individuals in the cemeteries, all while we still maintain and restore the grounds.
All like-minded people are encouraged to join the Society – check out the membership link , it’s only $5 and it goes toward a most deserving effort!

The Slideshow is here…

General Meeting of the Society

The Old Beaver River and Port Maitland Cemeteries Preservation Society will be having a General Meeting on November 21, 2011 at the Port Maitland Fire Hall at 7 p.m.
The General Meeting is open to all members, and new members may join at the meeting – All interested people are welcome !


One of the items that will be talked about will be the Society’s new website and logo. The executive has looked at two possible logos to use for the Society, and would like to hear from people either by e-mail (send messages to  oldstones@billcurry.ca ) or in person at the meeting.
The two logos being considered are stylized versions of a Willow tree, a symbol which is fairly unique, but also widely used in our cemeteries. The images are a representation of those symbols such as are found on Abial Crosby’s stone in the Founder’s Cemetery.

The two images are: (click on either for a larger view)










Let us hear from you as to which you prefer…
See you in November!

August events

Fun With Old Photos, Silent Auction and Potluck Saturday, 20 August 6 to 9 pm: Port Maitland Fire Hall

Admission is free. If you have some old local photos of people or places (Sandford, Richmond, Beaver River, Lake George, Port Maitland area) we can borrow to scan for this event or have an item to donate to the Silent Auction (bids start at $10) get in touch with Wilfred Allan: wilfredallan@me.com 649-2006.

Who are these people? Where and when was this taken?

Come join the fun: your questions about these and many more photos will be answered August 20

Sponsored by The Old Beaver River and Port Maitland Cemeteries Preservation Society web site: www.oldstones.ca

For more information, click the link below….

August Events Poster

Historical documents of the Society

We are in the pricess of digitizing some of our archival material about the society as well as the cemeteries themselves. Below are three documents about the Society’s beginnings.

The first is the founding meeting announcement, the second an editorial in the Yarmouth Vanguard Newspaper from August, 1999 and the third is a feature article in the Vanguard published a week earlier, in July of 1999.

meeting 1999

Announcement of the First Meeting of the soon to be OBRPMCPS, June 8, 1999

Vanguard editorial, August 3, 1999 (Click to enlarge):

editorial vanguard 1999

Editorial in Yarmouth Vanguard, August 1999

Vanguard Feature article on the Society and our earliest efforts – July 1999 (click on any photo for larger version)

Page 1 of feature article

Page 2 of feature article

Page 3 of feature article


This page will have news items about the Society as they become available.


Faces of Heritage – an article about Linda Campbell, the Society’s vice-Chair.


Cemeteries recognized as Heritage Sites. (From the Yarmouth Vanguard newspaper.