Historical documents of the Society

We are in the pricess of digitizing some of our archival material about the society as well as the cemeteries themselves. Below are three documents about the Society’s beginnings.

The first is the founding meeting announcement, the second an editorial in the Yarmouth Vanguard Newspaper from August, 1999 and the third is a feature article in the Vanguard published a week earlier, in July of 1999.

meeting 1999

Announcement of the First Meeting of the soon to be OBRPMCPS, June 8, 1999

Vanguard editorial, August 3, 1999 (Click to enlarge):

editorial vanguard 1999

Editorial in Yarmouth Vanguard, August 1999

Vanguard Feature article on the Society and our earliest efforts – July 1999 (click on any photo for larger version)

Page 1 of feature article

Page 2 of feature article

Page 3 of feature article

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