Auction Items – some real prizes!

We thought that folks might like to see some of the items up for grabs at our amazing auction and pot luck…(click on any image or description to enlarge or get more details)
Information about the auction and pot luck is just below the prizes as well (date, time, etc.)

See you on Saturday the 24th! Doors open at 5pm, dinner at 6pm auction at 7pm !

  1. 2 Adirondack Chairs made by George Snow
  2. Treasure Box made by Alex Blooi
  3. Shadow Box made by Alex Blooi
  4. Framed photo by Bill Curry
  5. One day of painting by John Allan
  6. Canning starter kit
  7. Matted photo by Bill Curry
  8. 2 hours of genealogy assistance by Wilfred Allan
  9. Framed photo by Peter Boudreau
  10. Framed Sampler made by Susan Deveau
  11. 2 18 hole golf rounds & hats
  12. Ship research by Eric Ruff
  13. Surprise box
  14. 2 hours of yard work by John Grant
  15. 2 hours of gardening by Ruth Kirk
  16. Bar B Q
  17. Landscape Painting, painter unknown
  18. Wooden box for cranberry shaker
  19. Stereo speakers—were over $1,000 new
  20. Cranberry shipping box made into bread box
  21. Wicker Picnic Basket
  22. 2 Port Maitland Calendars by Phyllis Jayne
  23. Matted photo by Gerry Curry
  24. Nova Scotia Flag from Zach Churchill
  25. 3 course meal for 2 from Sebastian’s catering
  26. One Hour Guitar Music – Graham Benvie
  27. $25 gift certificate to Hidden Treasures
  28. Birthday Party with Sassy the Clown
  29. Collection of Logo Hats – George’s Truck and Tractor
  30. Wrought iron candle holder
  31. Remington Electric Razor
  32. Antique Fish Shipping Box – Peter Croxall

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