Calvinist Baptist Cemetery

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The Calvinist Baptist Cemetery was established circa 1859 when a Calvinist Baptist Church was built on this site. It is located on the west side of Highway 1 at the north end of the village of Port Maitland, Nova Scotia. Municipal heritage designation applies to the cemetery lot and grave markers.

The Calvinist Baptist Cemetery’s heritage value lies in its being the burial site of a number of local residents and in its being one of three abandoned cemeteries in the Port Maitland / Beaver River area that has been “adopted” by a local cemeteries preservation society.

The cemetery is in the village of Port Maitland and abuts the north boundary of the community. A Calvinist Baptist Church was built here in 1859 and the cemetery was established during this period. In 1879 the church was destroyed by fire; however the cemetery may have continued to be used up to 1890, when the current community cemetery was established. Over a period of years, many remains and grave markers were removed from here to the newer cemetery. Presently there are approximately one dozen grave markers remaining. More may be discovered as a local preservation society continues its work on the site.

The Calvinist Baptist Cemetery is the final of the three to be cleared and to have the rest of the mandated items accomplished. As such, a complete plot map will be available when the efforts to clear and upgrade the cemetery are complete.

The cemetery is open year around. The maps, information panels and guest books are present from the end of May to mid-October.

– location on the west side of Highway 1 at the north boundary line of the village of Port Maitland.

Coordinates: 43°59’38″N   66°8’45″W
Map (click here)  

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