The Old Beaver River and Port Maitland Cemeteries Preservation Society maintains and looks after the three, now “non-active”, cemeteries in the Port Maitland and Beaver River area, and we have webpages which display historic information about the cemeteries on this website (see the list under the link Cemeteries in the black bar above.)
We also now have a “virtual burying ground” – a set of webpages where each resident has a web page with biographical and/or geneaolgical information. Most of these pages also have photos of the markers, and we are adding photos of people and important places all the time. We are also in the process of doing a more complete profile of each resident, and we have included a Family Group Sheet with family information, with some people also having an ahnentafel. We would appreciate any other information you think would be appropriate. We would love to have more photos or stories – contact us by leaving a reply below.

The cemeteries are open year around. The maps, information panels and guest books are present from the end of May to mid-October.

We have designed this information for each person in any of the three cemeteries – “Residents” as we refer to them,  and for those who were buried in one of the three cemeteries but who are now buried in Islands Cemetery – “Removals” as we refer to them. Each set of these names may be accessed by clicking on the top black bar under the term Residents or Removals.


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