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Old Stones relies on members, volunteers and donors to keep doing the work of the Society.

There are several ways people can help Old Stones:

One way is by coming and visiting the cemeteries and letting people know what we do. Our many volunteers mow the cemeteries and work hard to keep the cemeteries clean and also help to restore and preserve the markers and the cemeteries themselves. Other members and volunteers help us perpetuate the memories of those who were buried here by helping to find out as much as we can about the residents and their families.
Contact us if you wish to volunteer and help with any of these efforts.

Old Stones also welcomes new members. An Old Stones membership is only $5 and the Memberships run from January 1 to December 31 of each year. We are also always looking for folks to join our Board – the Board meets 5 times a year and coordinates the Restoration, Preservation and Perpetuation of the three cemeteries. Board members are the key to our efforts, and we always welcome people who would like to be more deeply involved.

Finally, Old Stones always welcomes donations to our efforts. You may donate by mailing a cheque to the address below,  or you may e-mail us below and we accept e-transfers – where will receive an instant notification from Bill, and any donation over $10 will also allow the donor to obtain a tax receipt from Old Stones, as we are a registered not for profit society.
We have three levels of donations – all of which will be formally recognized by the Society, and the donor will receive a tax receipt.
Donor – a gift of $50 or more will certify a donor.
Supporter – a gift of $100 or more will certify a Supporter.
Patron – a gift of $250 or more will certify a Patron.

To Donate to Old Stones, please e-mail us and we will look after it for you, with gratitude.

To Join the Old Stones Society, you may purchase a $5.00 membership. Those joining us in December will receive a bonus month and will have their membership run to the end of next December.

E-mail us at:

Writing to the Society at:

Old Stones
3455 Highway 1
Port Maitland, NS
Canada   B5A 5T6

or by leaving a comment below.

You may download a .pdf membership form here.
There is a downloadable donation form here.

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Hi, I just came across your web site of the cemeteries in Beaver River and am searching to see if I can find the burial site of Mandy Hall, or Amanda Hall, she would have been my Grandfather, Franklyn Eugene Hall’s sister, and was buried in the first cemetary, I believe, coming from Beaver River corner towards Yarmouth, many, many years ago. I was wondering if you had come across any records by that name.

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