(sons of George and Atlanta) Sollows

Another bit of a mystery here –
George Sollows and Atlanta Perry (or Parry) had 10 children and all but 2 are accounted for. There was a George Sollows who died as a two year old and a Thomas Sollows who died at about 16 years old,  We can find no other record of the burial of either of these children. The odd thing is that only one “son of George and Atlanta Sollows” was recorded as being removed – and buried in the Island Cemetery in 1902. Thomas died in 1871, and so could easily be this child, but it is odd the name isn’t attached. George died in 1864 and so also would fit the profile of children born before 1890 and the new cemetery and being then removed. One explanation one of our members put forth is that perhaps Thomas died at sea, and so there was no body to be removed – a possibility, but something that did occur from time to time. It is noted that one other adult son of this couple, Benjamin, died in the West Indies at 20 years old – the same year that Thomas died – perhaps they were travelling or working together. This one is but one example of the ongoing research we do to try to find out the interesting stories of our ancestors.
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sons of George & Atlanta (Perry) Sollows

Removal: “Old Burying Ground” to Island Cem 1902

Lot #139, west side of F avenue