Perry, John

John Perry

Founders Cemetery, Marker #2

(abt 1791-1862)

Epitaph: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord henceforth saith the Spirit they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them

This is probably the John Perry who was born in Yarmouth Township 22 Jan 1790 and died 17 March 1862. If correct, his age of death would be one year greater than the 71 years stated on his grave marker. Today most of the text on the marker is illegible including his age and the last two numbers of his year of death although the date—17 March—can be read. His epitaph cannot be deciphered today. One other discrepancy concerns the spelling of John’s surname. It appears in some records, including his record of birth, as Parry; however, it was not unusual for the Parry spelling to later become Perry. There are examples of this happening with other members of the Parry/Perry family who are buried in Old Stones cemeteries.

Fortunately two transcriptions were made of markers in the Old Stones Cemeteries before acid rain and normal wear and tear had taken their toll. The first was completed about 1899. It records a John Perry who died 17 March 1862 and was buried in this cemetery. It is almost certainly the same John Perry. The second transcription was done in the 1990s when the year of death had worn but the age of death and the epitaph were still legible.

The information on his grave marker leads us to believe he is the son of John and Tryphena (Smith) Parry. John Jr. married Sarah Trask, daughter of Thomas and Susanna (Porter) Trask. They had eight children, the eldest of whom, Thomas, is buried in the Free Will Baptist Cemetery.

John is a Mayflower descendant. Through his father he is descended from Mayflower passengers John Alden and Richard Warren.

More information about John and his family will be found in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

Please leave a comment if you are able to substantiate or refute the identity of John Perry given in this profile or if you know the cause of his death, his place of residence or the burial place of his wife who, according to some sources, died the same year he did.

6 thoughts on “Perry, John

  1. John is my great, great, great grandfather. His father John Perry (1755-1838) came over to Yarmouth around 1764 with his father John B. Perry (born in 1733) and mother Rebecca Badger (born in 1738) from Ashford Connecticut. Do your connections to the Mayflower go through Rebecca Badgers grandfather Richard Simmons, and grandmother Abagail Church?

    Do you have any records of John Perry and Sarah Trask’s daughter Tryphena marrying James D. Raymond whose daughter Helen Augusta Raymond who married John Goudey Perry. Our stone cottage lies on his land behind the Johnson/Pickering house across from the Beaver River Church.

    John Perry’s great great grandfather is buried in Ashford Connecticut. His gravestone is inscribed Parry, but his probated will has the Perry spelling.

    Any information would be helpful. Keith Perry

  2. Hi there Keith-
    Sarah Trask is an Allerton descendant through her father Thomas Trask, and John Perry (Parry) is a Mayflower descendant of Alden and Warren through his father John, who we do have listed as marrying Tryphena Smith (source for that is GS Brown and Early Vital records of Yarmouth).
    We do have Tryphena Perry marrying James D Raymond on 22 November 1838.
    Hope that helps,

  3. Do you have any records of James D Raymond being the son of Jonathan Raymond and Elizabeth Robbins? She goes back through the Cushmans to the Allertons. Tryphena Perry and James D Raymond’s daughter Helen Augusta Raymond married my great grandfather John Goudey Perry. His house sit across from the Beaver River Baptist Church. If I can prove the link between Hellen and James D. Raymond, I can prove my lineage back to the Mayflower through my father. We already have a proven link through my mother. Would appreciate the help. We are back up in the stone cottage for the summer again. And by the way, I am officially a dual Canadian citizen. Keith Perry

    • Hi Keith-
      I do indeed have James D Raymond (married Tryphena Perry) as the son of Elizabeth Robbins and Jonathan Raymond.
      This is one I’d be very interested as well – as Elizabeth Robbins would be my 4x great grandaunt – and her parents connect to my family and do indeed provide a tantalizing path to the Mayflower.
      I’d love to chat with you about that sometime!

  4. Hi Bill,

    Abigail Cushman is noted in the Allerton Silver book Page 79 as being a descendent. She and her son both came over to Chebogue in 1761 with Benjamin Robbins. Since he drowned during the first winter, they went back to the Plymouth area where Joseph grew up to be a blacksmith was an artisan in the Revolutionary war at the battles of Boston, Trenton, and Princeton. He moved back to Nova Scotia in the 1780’s to take eventual title to his mother’s land. She remarried to Benjamin Crocker and is listed in his will of 1798. She may have then returned back to NS, and that is why her grave is at Chebogue. Joseph married Elizabeth Stephens, and their daughter Elizabeth married Jonathon Raymond.

    I have John Perry being the son of John B. Perry from Ashford, CT. He and his brother Cyrus came over to NS about 1764. The confusion of “A” or “E”may go back to John B.’s grandfather, one of Ashford’s original settlers. His probated will has his name spelled Perry and his grave has Parry. His father was Obidiah Perry. John B’s mother Mehitabel Moulton was the brother of Ebenezer Moulton that came to the Yarmouth area around 1761, and started the Baptist Church of Nova Scotia.

    I look forward to getting together,


  5. Hi Bill again,

    I also have John B.’s wife Rebecca Badger going back through Church’s to the Simmons to the Hollands,and the Chandlers back to the Chiltons. She also links to John Alden through the Pabodie’s, who eventually became Peabody. The Church’s go back to the Warrens. I don’t have paperwork for these connections.


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