Raymond, Reuben

Reuben Raymond

Founders Cemetery, Marker #42


Reuben is truly one of the “mystery” residents of the Old Stones cemeteries. Everything we know about him appears on his grave marker which is becoming difficult to read, particularly the dates. We believe it says he died 18 Sept 1855 at the age of 2 years 5 months, the son of Martha and Reuben Raymond. This would give a birth date of about April 1853. We have been unable to determine the identity of Martha and Reuben.

Unfortunately no more information about Reuben appears in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index than appears in this brief profile.

Please leave a comment if you can tell us anything about Reuben and his parents. This is a mystery we would very much like to solve.

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  1. Bill – I’ve just looked at the photo of this stone and realized that David & I saw ‘Martha’ in 1972 but it clearly says ‘& Lydia’. The style is 1850s. I am more and more convinced that the list maker was G.S. Brown!

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