Goudey, Sarah (Daley)

Sarah (Daley) Goudey

Calvinist Baptist Cemetery, Marker #2


While more research is needed we believe “Sarah Goudey” was born “Sarah Daley,” the adopted daughter of Samuel Graham. For a long time we read her grave marker as saying she was the wife of John “H” Goudey about whom we could find nothing. We now think John’s middle initial is W (we now know his full name was John Wellwood Goudey, according to the newly found grave marker – December 4, 2014) and Sarah is the woman who married John W Goudey who died in Maitland (now Port Maitland) from typhoid fever at the age of 44 on 20 July 1865, less than a month after their 9 year old daughter, Sarah, died of the same disease.

Whether or not she was born Sarah Daley, from her grave marker we know that Sarah was born about 1831 and died 1 October, 1875, the wife of John Wellwood Goudey.

More information about Sarah and her probable famiy appears in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

We would like to be able to confirm Sarah’s identity and, if we are correct about her husband, the burial place of John W Goudey and their daughter, Sarah A. Please leave a comment if you have any additional information about this family about whom much is to be discovered.
Update – December 4, 2014 – we will be adding two “new” residents to our list here. As a result of work done this day we discovered the stones for John Wellwood Goudey and for the daughter of John W. and Sarah – Sarah Adelaide Goudey. Both John and Sarah A. pre-deceased wife (and mother) Sarah Goudey, when they died a month apart in 1865 from typhoid fever. We will add the two new full entries soon.

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