McCormack, Margaret (Wyman)

Margaret (Wyman) McCormack

Free Will Baptist Cemetery, Marker #41


Epitaph: Dearest Mother we have laid thee in the peaceful grave’s embrace, but thy memory will be cherished, till we see thy Heavenly face.

Margaret was born about Oct 1817 and died 12 Jan 1899 at the age of 77 yrs 3 mos; the daugther of Daniel and Susan (Ellenwood) MacCormack. Margaret’s mother may have been married previously to James Powers. Margaret married Israel McCormack on 28 Dec 1848 and had five known children. She died two years before her husband who is buried next to her with his own grave marker.

One of Margaret’s ancestors may have been William Knowlton, whose grave marker in Shelburne is among the earliest for any English settler in Nova Scotia—it simply reads “William Knowlton, 1632”.

More about Margaret and her family appears in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

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  1. I think you meant to say that Margaret’s parents were Daniel Wyman and Susan Ellenwood (wid. of James Powers). At least that’s what my research shows. Thanks for the work you did in documenting these cemeteries and people.

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