Perry, Reuben

Reuben Perry

Free Will Baptist Cemetery, Marker #36


Reuben was born 24 Nov 1824 and died 21 April 1897, the son of William and Alice “Elsie” (Corning) Perry who are buried in Founders Cemetery. Reuben married 7 Dec 1848 Drusilla Cann who is buried next to him and named on the same marker. They had two children, Susanna C and Harvey Cann Perry. Harvey is buried in the Port Maitland-Beaver River Cemetery (aka Island Cemetery).

Reuben is a Mayflower descendant. Through his father he is descended from Mayflower passengers John Alden and Richard Warren.

One of Reuben’s ancestors, through his mother, may have been William Knowlton, whose grave marker in Shelburne is among the earliest for any English settler in Nova Scotia—it simply reads “William Knowlton, 1632”.

More about Reuben, his children, parents and family will be found in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

Please leave a comment if you have any additional information about Reuben and his family, particularly the place of his birth and death, where he lived and his occupation. We think this is the man after whom the Reuben Perry Road in Beaver River is named. Are we correct?



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    • This is true! What is interesting is now to discover if he lived in that area, or if he just had the road named after him. Sounds like a fun project to discover something about Rueben Perry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  1. Thank you for this wonderful site!
    In 1920 my grandparents, Jerry and Ellen Comeau (buried in Salmon River St. Vincent de Paul), bought the house located on Rueben Perry Road and HY 1 from Reuben Perry. The original deed was for a 100 acre parcel stretching from Bartlett’s Pond back towards Cedar Lake. The house dates to at least 1835 based on old newspapers I found stuffed in the walls during a renovation. The deed shows the home was purchased from Rueben Perry. However, the date of Reuben Perry’s death is 1897 and that was prior to the date of purchase in 1920. He had no heirs, so I am not sure how to explain the fact that the deed states the home was sold by Reuben Perry to Jerry and Ellen Comeau. I researched census records from 1861 through 1920. In all the records the Reuben Perry family was living in close proximity to the Wyman family. The Wyman home was just down the road (towards Yarmouth) from the Reuben Perry/ Jerry and Ellen Comeau home. The Wyman home was the oldest home in the area until it burnt down. So I believe:
    1. The Reuben Perry home was the one bought by Jerry and Ellen Comeau in 1920. The house dates back to at least 1835. Perry’s probably lived in it since at least 1861 from what I could ascertain from census records.
    2. The road next to the house is called the Reuben Perry Road.
    3. The Wymans were neighbors of the Perry family and after 1920 the Comeau family. The last Wyman family members living in the old Wyman house were Charlie, wife Jenny, and son Bob.
    I have the 1920 deed for the Perry/Comeau house. If you would like a digital copy, email me at I also have many photos of the Perry/Comeau house over the years.

    • I have a correction to my first post. I have received a 2nd document that shows that Jerry and Ellen Comeau paid off their mortgage to Reuben Perry in 1935. After doing some more research I discovered the following:
      1. Reuben Perry (1824-1897) and wife Drusilla (1829-1891) had a son, Harvey Cann Perry ( 1853-1909). Harvey married Sarah Ann Dakin. They had a son named Reuben (1877-1965). my grandparents purchased their property from THIS Reuben Perry, the grandson of Reuben and Drusilla who are buried in the Free Will Baptist Cemetery. So, I do believe the home along Reuben Perry Road did indeed belong to several generations of the Perry Family. I can share the 2nd document if anyone is interested.

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