Raymond, Lillian Grace

Lillian Grace Raymond

Free Will Baptist Cemetery, Marker #30


Lillian was born 6 Oct 1860 and died 24 June 1885. The cause of her death at age 24 is not known. She was the tenth of twelve children of Eleazer and Mary Eliza (Porter) Raymond who are buried in the same cemetery and named on the same grave marker. Also named are her sister Josephine and her brother Charles who was lost at sea. Other than Josephine who died at the age of five months, Lillian was the only one of the twelve children not to marry.

Lillian is a Mayflower descendant, being descended, through her father, from Mayflower passengers John Howland and John Tilley.

One of Lillian’s ancestors, through her mother, may have been William Knowlton, whose grave marker in Shelburne is among the earliest for any English settler in Nova Scotia—it simply reads “William Knowlton, 1632”.

More about Lillian, her parents, and siblings appears in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

Please leave a comment if you have any additional information about her, particularly the cause of her death.


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