Crosby, Ansel

Ansel Crosby

Founders Cemetery, Marker #31


Epitaph: And while we raise the tearful eye with mournful thoughts impressed, O may this thought, “I too must die” sink deep in every heart

Ansel was born about October 1839 and died 10 January 1847 at the age of eight—the first of four family members to die in the year 1847. The others were his sister Elizabeth, step-brother John, and his father, Theophilus. All are buried in Founders Cemetery. The cause of their deaths is not known. Six months after Ansel’s death another boy was born into the family who was also given the name Ansel. He died at the age of seven.

Through Theophilus, Ansel is a Mayflower descendant, being descended from Mayflower passenger, William Brewster.

More information about Ansel, his siblings, and his parents may be found in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

Please leave a comment if you have information about him, particularly the cause of his death and the other family members who died in 1847.

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