Crosby, Isaiah

Isaiah Crosby

Founders Cemetery, Marker #3


Isaiah was born 11 November 1785 and died 13 February 1881, the son of Lemuel and Emma (Mattingly) Crosby. He married three times, 1) Harriet Brown; 2) Priscilla Scott and 3) Eliza (Raymond) Corning, widow of Ebenezer Corning. Eliza is also buried in Founders Cemetery. Isaiah had thirteenchildren—three by Harriet and ten by Priscilla.

Isaiah is descended from several families who have been in Nova Scotia a very long time. One of his ancestors may have been William Knowlton, whose grave marker in Shelburne is among the earliest for any English settler in Nova Scotia, it simply reads “William Knowlton, 1632. Isaiah is also a Mayflower descendant, being descended from Mayflower passenger, William Brewster.

More information about Isaiah, his wives and children may be found in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

Please leave a comment if you have information about him, particularly the dates and circumstances of his three marriages.

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