Ellis, Abigail (Sollows)

Abigail (Sollows) Ellis

Founders Cemetery, Marker #7


If all we knew about Abigail was what is written on her grave marker we would know her name was Abigail Ellis; she was born about 1814 (because she died at the age of 36) and that she died 26 May 1850. That’s it. Thanks to one of our board members, to whom Abigail is related, we have been able to add some pieces to the puzzle. Perhaps you can help us with more.

Abigail was born in Green Cove (now Port Maitland), the daughter of Joseph Sollows and Elizabeth Cann. We believe her father, Joseph, was buried not far from where she is buried although his grave marker is no longer here. Abigail married Edmund Jacob Ellis in 1830 in Green Cove. We know of one child: George Whitfield Ellis, born in 1832. We do not know the cause of Abigail’s death or if there were other children.

Abigail’s grave marker is made of slate which can easily be damaged by fluctuations in the weather—particularly the freezing and melting of water that can seep its way into cracks in the slate. It is for this reason that her marker has the covering on it. If you wish to view it, gently lift the cover. Be sure to replace it when you are done.

Information about Abigail, her husband, their son, and her parents appears in the Old Stones Family Group Sheet Index.

Please leave a comment if you have additional information about Abigail and her family, particularly the cause of her death and if there were more children.

2 thoughts on “Ellis, Abigail (Sollows)

  1. In my family tree I have a son Josiah born 3 Feb 1835, died June 15, 1920, Married Ann Moses October 22, 1856, daughter of Thomas Moses and Cary Crosby. No source

  2. Edmund and Abigail had a least one more Son, Josiah Sollows Ellis b.3 Feb 1835 d. 15 Jun 1920 m. Mary Ann Moses. Both buried in the Port Maitland Cemetery.
    Edmund Ellis is buried in the Port Maitland Cemetery and Abigail is on his gravestone making people believe she is buried with him. Now I know she is buried in Founders. Thank you.

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