Removals to Island Cemetery, many from Old Beaver River and Port Maitland  Cemeteries

The Records of the area’s currently active cemetery, the Port Maitland and Beaver River Cemetery (also known as Island Cemetery), show that some 100 or so people were “removed” from their former burial sites and interred in the current cemetery. It appears as if the earliest of these removals occurred in 1892, 2 years after the “new” cemetery opened in 1890. The Society is beginning to discover research that indicates many of these people were removed from one of the three historic cemeteries under the Society’s care. We would love to have information about any of these “former residents” if someone knows where a person was first buried.

The current cemetery is located at: Coordinates: 43°59’39″N   66°8’22″W

Map of the Port Maitland-Beaver River Cemetery (click here)

Note: First burial in Island Cemetery was 6 June 1890.

We have updated our “Removals” list to give each of these people their own webpage, just like the Residents of our three cemeteries. As we develop the webpages, we’ll fill in the known information about each person to the best of our knowledge. If you have any other information you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you!

The information below is from our research and the Burial book of the Port Maitland and Beaver River Cemetery, as transcribed by George Snow and Bill Curry.

List of Removed Persons – clicking on the name will give you that person’s webpage. We are adding information as we get it to these pages and would welcome additional information!

Annie G Adams

Nellie S Adams

Alice Elizabeth (Raymond) Besser

Carrie Beveridge

Thomas Byrnes

Frank Byrns

Tina (McHenry) Coates

Alice Sophia Corning

Bertha Corning

Bowman Corning

Corning (Daughters)

Calvaretta Corning

Daniel Corning

Deborah (Crosby) Corning

Emma E Corning

George Durland Corning

Grace A Corning

Robbins Corning

Thomas Corning

—?— Crosby

Adelia Crosby

Emma Crosby

Hannah Crosby

Lydia (Saunders) Crosby

Sarah (Corning) Crosby

Samuel Crosby

Lindon G Curry

Lindon H Curry

Maria A (Crosby) Curry

Matilda A. (Lockery) Curry

Albert J Dowley

Annie B Dowley

Edmund H Dowley

Louis A Durland

Luella (Sollows) Forbes

Rosella Forbes

Ella M (Phillips) Goudey

Lemuel C Goudey

Lucinda (Sollows) Goudey

Mary (Haskell) Goudey

Steven Goudey

Thomas Goudey

Clara B Gullison

Eugene D Gullison

George Gullison

Leila Gullison

Thomas O’Brien

Amelia (Steele) Perry

Annie Maria Perry

Charles E Perry

Evelyn G Perry

Flora Blanche Perry

Franklyn W Perry

Lydia Irene (Curry) Perry

Mary Ann (Sanders) Perry

Nancy (—?—) Perry

Sophia (Lewis) Perry

Wentworth K Perry

William Perry

Charles Piper

Calvin L Phillips

Ella M Phillips

James Phillips

Roxanna (Ely) Phillips

—?— Pitman

Charlotte (Adams) Pitman

Eliza (Goudey) Pitman

Joseph Nelson Pitman

Mercy (Porter) Pitman

Merle O Pitman

Ainsley Porter

Eldridge Porter

Matilda A (-?-) Porter

—?— Raymond

Alphonso Raymond

Benjamin Raymond

Betsy (Elizabeth Robbins) Raymond

Dr. Forrester Raymond

Ira Raymond

Jonathan Raymond

Lydia  Raymond

Reuben MacFarlane Raymond

Walter L Raymond

Charles W Rose

James Kelly Rose

Margarett A (Goudey) Rose

Sarah Rose

Asaph Sanders

Olive (Cook) Sanders

Laura Sanders

William A Sanders

Maria (Crosby) Sinclair

(Children of Franklin and Minnie) Sollows

(Sons of George and Atlanta Perry) Sollows

Atlanta (Perry) Sollows

Franklin Sollows

Alice Ethel Trask

Jacob Trask

Roy Wetmore

Daniel Wyman

Ephriam Wyman

Hannah C Trask Wyman

Lavinia Ann Beveridge Wyman

Lavinia Ann Wyman

4 thoughts on “Removals

  1. I note that Sophia Perry. (should of course be Parry) has no maiden name. I am sure it is Lewis but who her father is I have no proof. She is in the school records for sure. This is my most irksome brick wall.

  2. Also baby Ethel Trask (removals) is Alice Ethel daughter of Israel and MARETTA (not Henrietta) Trask. Only girl among nine boys. Stuart’s grandfather Frank’s sister. see page 101 “Their Succeeding Race”

  3. Hi Gwen-
    Thanks for the notes. This list of removals was recorded by someone at a date after the removals all happened and needs corrections such as you have provided. I corrected some Curry and Goudey records as well myself, and the Society welcomes input from people who have information on this fascinating aspect of the cemeteries.
    Thanks again for sending along your information.

  4. Hi Bill, According to the “Cemetery Transcriptions from the NEHGS Manuscript Collection” both David P. Corning 1814-1876 and Mary Anne (Perry) Corning 1826-1858 were buried in the Free Baptist Cemetery. We they removed to the Beaver River/Port Maitland Cemetery? They are listed as being there by Robert F. McKinnon on his Yarmouth county website:
    Thanks, Susan

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