Residents – Founders, Free Will Baptist and Calvinist Baptist Cemeteries

The Society is providing here a set of links to each resident in any of the three cemeteries. Clicking on any name below to brings you to that person’s individual information site, where we have also provided profile information and a Family Group file index link, which leads to an index including that person.

The Old Beaver River and Port Maitland Cemeteries Preservation Society is working on plain language and genealogical information for each resident.  The profiles will eventually all be descriptive of what we know about the person, and will also contain the information researchers would like to know. If you know something about a person buried in one of the cemeteries, we’d love to hear from you. If your research is helped by this website, we’d also love to know.

List of Residents – Founders, Free Will Baptist and Calvinist Baptist Cemeteries

Clicking on any name brings you to that person’s individual information site.

Clements Baker

Eunice E  (Raymond) Besser

Eliza Ann (Parry) Bethune

Godfrey Bethune

Elizabeth C Brown

Martha Greenough Bryne

Arabella Hunter Cann

Harvey Cann

Isaac K Cann

Alena L Corning

Ebenezer Corning

Ida May Corning

Jesse C Corning

Jesse Lee Corning

Margaret (-?-) Goodwin Crosby Corning

William Ebenezer Corning

Abial Crosby

Ansel Crosby

Ansel Crosby

Elizabeth Ann Crosby

Isaiah Crosby

Joanna Dane (Raymond) Crosby

John’y Crosby

John W Crosby

Mary Ellis Crosby

Theophilus Crosby

Zilpha (Moses) Crosby

Joesph R Durkee

Hannah (Porter) Durkee

Emily Durling

Emeline (Durkee) Eldridge

Abigail (Sollows) Ellis

Ernie Ellis

Mary (-?-) Fault

Sarah (Goldfinch) Gardner

Arthur Goldfinch

Henry Goldfinch

Matilda Jane (Bennison) Goldfinch

Elizabeth B (Trask) Goudey

Sarah (Daley) Goudey

Elizabeth (Saunders) Raymond Haley

Rebecca (Crosby) Harris

Abigail H (Tedford) Higby

Maggie N Higby

Wellington Jackson

Aaron Jeffery

Annie M Jeffery

Catherine (Pitman) Jeffery

Eunice (Frost) Jeffery

John Nelson Jeffery

Norman Edgar Jeffery

Robert Jeffery

Clarissa (Saunders) Jenkins

Hannah (Goudey) Jenkins

Sophronia Jenkins

James Kelley

Phoebe (Crosby) Kelley

Abigail (Corning) Landers

Elizabeth Landers

Jabez Landers

Nathan Landers

Israel McCormack

Margaret (Wyman) McCormack

Mary Crosby Moses

Edward C Nickerson

Matilda L (Pitman) Norton

Ruth (Crosby) Moses O’Brien

Thomas O’Brien

Miner R Parry

Sarah (Tedford) Parry

Alice “Elsie” (Corning) Perry

Annie Perry

Arabella Perry

Caroline (Cann) Perry

Charles A Perry

Drusilla (Cann) Perry

Harvey Perry

Jacob Perry

Helen M Perry

John Perry

Margaret (Killam) Perry

Nathaniel P Perry

Norman Perry

Phebe Elizabeth (Corning) Perry

Reuben Perry

Thomas Perry

William Perry

Byron L Peters

Eliza A (-?-) Piper

John A Piper

Abigail Jane Pitman

Asa Pitman

Sophia (Flint) Shaw Pitman

Josiah Porter

Josiah Porter

Mercy Anne (Goudey) Porter

William Corning Porter

unknown – Raymond

Abel Ira Raymond

Abigail K. (Crosby) Raymond

Charles W Raymond

Delia Alice Raymond

Eleazer C Raymond

Eunice (Landers) Raymond

Herbert Huntington Raymond

Israel Raymond

Jonathan Raymond

Josephine Raymond

Lemuel S Raymond

Lillian Grace Raymond

Mary A (Chute) Raymond

Mary Eliza (Porter) Raymond

Melvin Charles Raymond

Nathaniel Raymond

Phebe Ann Raymond

Reuben Raymond

Silas Burton Raymond

Susan Antoinette D Raymond

William Henry Raymond

William S Raymond

Zilpha (Crocker) Raymond

James H Reeves

Jacob H Sanders

James N Sanders

Mary Ann (Kelley) Sanders

Nathaniel Sanders

Jesse Shaw

Joesph Sollows

Sarah A (-?-) Thomson

John Wetmore

James D Williamson

Notes and Key to Sources:

For the genealogist – the following is the key to the information behind each resident:

Key to Sources

Note: if the Source abbreviation appears in italics in the preceding text it refers to a complete citation earlier in that biography.

APS Ann (Porter) Sorensen

BTR Patricia A. (Stoddart) Terry (transcriber); Barrington Township Records; Early Records of Marriages, Births and Deaths in Barrington, Nova Scotia from the year 1761 (Shelburne, N.S., Shelburne County Genealogical Society 1994) ISBN 896269-00-1

EWH Eric Whitehouse

FSO, web site maintained by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This acronym is most often used to indicate that information about a specific person was not found on this site.

GSB George S. Brown (prepared for publication by Martha & William Reamy), Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies, Transcribed from the Yarmouth Herald (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1993) ISBN 0-8063-1372-2

GRM Grave Marker, information came from inscription on the grave marker.

GAS George Albert Snow

HST Hazel (Smith) Trask

HTR Historical Trails through Port Maitland, Beaver River, Sandford, Short Beach, Darling’s Lake (Port Maitland, N.S., High Hopes Senior Citizens Club 1985) ISBN 09691552-5-5

IGI International Genealogical Index, available on (maintained by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). As the sources for most of the information is not given the IGI should not be used as substantive information.

NSH Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics, Note: a citation that reads <NSH Marriages 1869: 1839 p29 #21> shows it came from the 1869 Marriages Register, Book 1839, Page 29, Entry #21.

PRF Pedigree Resource File, available on (maintained by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Note: 43:271625 would mean Disc #43, PIN #271625

SRU Source Unknown

TPF Ann (Porter) Sorensen, The Porter Family of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; Descendants of John and Mary Porter of Salem and Hingham, Massachusetts who settled as Planters in Yarmouth County Nova Scotia after 1761 and their following generations to 2009 (Port Maitland, Nova Scotia; published by the author, 2010) ISBN 978-0-0865289-0-3

YHR Yarmouth Herald, newspaper (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: 1833-1966). The longest running newspaper in Yarmouth and one of the longest running in Canada. There were some name changes: Yarmouth Herald and Western Advertiser (1833-1843); Yarmouth Herald (1843-1943); Yarmouth Herald-Telegram (1943-1949); Yarmouth Herald (1950-1966).

YPP J. Murray Lawson, Yarmouth Past and Present; A Book of Reminiscences (1902; reprint, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: Sentinel Printing Ltd., 2002).

YVR – Early Vital Records of the Township of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 1762-1811 (Yarmouth N.S.; Yarmouth County Historical Society, 1982) ISBN 0-9691202-2-2

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  1. I am looking for any MacCrae’s/McCrae’s/McRae’s buried in this vicinity between 1850 and 1925. I have ancestors buried at Darlings Lake Cemetery, but the sons and daughters or grandchildren of William and Lydia McCrae (buried at Darlings Lake Cemetery) seem to be nowhere, although I have records that some have died in Short Beach. Are there any other unlisted or neglected cemeteries around Short Beach other than Darlings Lake Cemetery?

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